Monday, 8 August 2011

Stornoway catch-up

I didn't get chance to publish much about Stornoway last time so here are a few bits and bobs.

Todays Factoid
Stornoway is the only official town in the Outer Hebrides.

As you will be aware I managed to miss the HebCeltFest almost entirely, which was a shame, the only part I heard was a few strains drifting through the window as I lay in bed at the Martin's house, then a snippet of some pipers marching onto the site as I returned to living on the boat .
However all was not lost, I did make the final meal and prize giving for Sail Hebrides, they were a good crowd and I was made most welcome.
In addition it was with great pleasure that Jim and me we were able to take the Martin family (The family who looked after me while I recuperated) out for a trip around the harbour on our boats to see the tall ships parade of sail as they departed for Lerwick to start the next leg of their race to Norway.

Ruach dressed for the Tall Ships Parade of Sail

Nancy (One of my 'rescuers') aboard Ruach

Todays Factoid No2
In 1918 the troop ship Iolaire left the Kyle of Lochalsh with almost three hundred navel ratings aboard, returning to their homes on Lewis following the first world war. A gale blew up from the South in the small hours of New Years Day and the Iolaire hit Holm Rock in the entrance of Stornoway Harbour and sank. Over 200 men drowned, their loss affecting almost every family on the island. Most of the survivors owe their lives to John Macleod who jumped into the sea with a line and swam to the shore giving the men a hand hold to follow to safety.

Guest cameraman for the Tall Ships section of this video is young Donald Martin, who ably assisted while I sailed the boat.
At the end of this short video is an ancient set of standing stones, thought to be around 4000 years old and then a fantastic beach near the Butt of Lewis (stop sniggering at the back!)

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