Friday, 24 June 2011

In and around Wick

Last evening I had a trip on another vessel (Third on this trip). I went out with a fellow Mk1 owner Andrew on his Crabber Mudlark. We have both had our boats a similar amount of time, so we have been comparing and contrasting our two craft over the last couple of days.
It has been the first time for both of us to see another Mk1 Crabber in the flesh as it were. Great fun.

Andrew, skipper of Mudlark

While I have been having this enforced stay in Wick waiting for the right combination of tide and wind I have been keeping myself busy with the local area. Did you know for example that Wick has the shortest street in the world! At just 6'9" Ebernezer Place is recognised as such in the Guinness Book of Records.
The street has only one door, it is No1 surprisingly. You wouldn't think it needed a number really would you.
No1 Ebernezer Place

Also while we are on this track, pun intended, Wick railway station has the claim to fame of being the terminus of the 'Far North Line', even though it is not the furthest North. The railway actually goes up to Thurso then back down to Wick. In my youth I remember students travelling immense distances on the railway for peanuts on a special ticket for students. The deal was something like 'travel anywhere on the rail network for a fixed sum' which was something like a £5'er. So they would plan trips from all over the UK to Wick to get the most value out of their bargain priced ticket, just because they can!
Wick Station

After these facts all I can say is I can't wait to get sailing again. Hopefully tomorrow (Saturday) morning the wind will be from the forecast South East as the tide is at it's weakest (neaps) to allow me to sneak round the corner onto the North shore of this fair land. I need a 5am kick off to meet the tide.
To make sure I'm up and about in time give me a quick call on the mobile if you are up :-)

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