Thursday, 21 April 2011

I'm in pieces, bits and pieces

I've posted a picture of Ruach below, not one of the best pictures I know, but it's posted here as a reminder to me of what Ruach should look like as she is currently scattered to the four points of the compass. The hull is under repair across in Fairlie on the West coast where the famous prolific boatbuilder William Fife plied his trade; the rigging is being refurbished down in Rock with the boatbuilder Cornish Crabbers; the boom, gaff and bowsprit are in my garage just about ready for their final coat of varnish and the berth cushions are about to go to an upholsterer across the Firth of Forth in Fife (Try saying that three times fast).
I have great faith that all these items will soon be reunited in one location.

The picture was taken in Rothesay harbour on the Isle of Bute during the June 2010 National Shrimper Week where thirty'odd Cornish Shrimpers and two Crabbers met together and enjoyed a spell of idyllic Mediterranean weather cruising around the Clyde. (Yes REALLY, it was that HOT!)

You may notice that I've added an additional justgiving site on to the main website pointing to a Scottish Alzheimer charity. The reason I have added this is that my employer will match your giving up to a maximum of £500 for a charity in the same locality as my work base. This means if you donate £20 to the Scottish giving site they will match that donation with another £20 so boosting the value of your donation.

I've had a few comments on the question posed last post about meal suggestions. As a reminder I asked for "things that are easy to store, quick to prepare and can be cooked on just two burners. No grill or oven". Someone reminded me of Charles Stock and his pocket cruiser Shoal Waters who used to place a tinned steak-and-kidney pudding in his kettle to cook while underway. Another recommendation was for a Fray Bentos chicken pie cooked under an up-turned pan on a single burner, spotted on Dylan Winter's site KTLKTL really is an interesting site, full of spectacular video footage of his trip so far. For just a few $ subscription you can watch all the video in best quality. I'm sure you won't be disappointed (If you do subscribe tell Dylan I sent ya).
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If you came to this blog from the main website you will hopefully have had a look around the site and be aware of what I'm up to, both the adventure itself and the fact that I'm aiming to raise awareness of dementia in our society and to raise money for the Alzheimer's charities.
I'm doing this trip for fun and funding the trip myself, but while I'm on this venture you can do your bit to by supporting the Alzheimer's charities through either or

Catch you next time.

David H.