Thursday, 19 May 2011

T-minus 10 to blast off!

It's now just 10 short days until I cast off, weather permitting. But there is still much to do before the commencement of this adventure. Steady progress is being made assembling all the various bits of Ruach that were spread around the British Isles. I've introduced the GPS to the VHF radio and they are now in conversation and getting along famously (for which I breath a sigh of relief).
As planned the heads did get refurbished this past week, so another important milestone also gets crossed off the list. (At this time I can only hope that the operation has been a success as I am unable to fully test them on my house drive). Only time will tell!!!
Ruach is now resplendent with "Charity Sail for Alzheimer's" & "" graphics kindly supplied by the team at Anglia Graphic Signs to whom I am very grateful.

Ruach will shortly move from our home to Port Edgar Marina for a few days prior to setting off. Thanks go to Adam Cruttenden and the team for their assistance and generosity.

You may remember from previous posts my question on favourite recipes. Well Penny came home from Sainsburys brandishing a Chilli con Carne in a plastic pouch for me to try. The idea being that you can heat it either 'boil in the bag' style, or in a saucepan (or a microwave for those with posh yachts). Well I have to tell you that my expectation of this bag was low, mainly because I've tried instant 'packet meals' before. I find they tend to be either very bland or very salty. But I was amazed, paired with some rice this made a really tasty dish. I was so impressed I got in touch with the company, it seems they have a whole range of this type of meal. The company has the bizarre but apt name of Look what we found.  As an added bonus to me when they heard what I was up on my trip they offered me a healthy discount on their products, so I have purchased quite a selection which I look forward to trying. So my thanks also goes to Lauren and the team at Look what we found. I'll let you know what the other dishes are like as the trip progresses.

I'm still open to ideas for meals and snacks, so email me or leave a comment at the foot of this blog with your favourite ideas. 

Sorry for the lack of pictures this post, it's been a combination I've been too busy with preparations and again the weather not playing ball, (and I'm sure you don't want to see another picture of the loo) . 

A big THANKS to all you 'givers' out there. The charities, via the justgiving sites, have now received over £700 in donations from your giving. 

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If you came to this blog from the main website you will hopefully have had a look around the site and be aware of what I'm up to, both the adventure itself and the fact that I'm aiming to raise awareness of dementia in our society and to raise money for the Alzheimer's charities.
I'm doing this trip for fun and funding the trip myself, but while I'm on this venture you can do your bit to by supporting the Alzheimer's charities through either or

Catch you next time.

David H.